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Payroll Direct Deposit

Employees prefer Direct Deposit over paper checks because it gives them access to their money quicker and it saves them a trip to the bank. Business owners prefer Direct Deposit because the system is more secure and it saves time and money associated with manual processing.

Collect Payments

Replace invoicing with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments from authorized consumer accounts. Use our template to originate payments and authorized in writing, by phone or over the Web. Simplify the payment process for your and your customer and manage your cash flow better by collecting receivables consistently and electronically.

Depository Transfers

Transfer funds electronically between your accounts at HOMEBANK. Transactions are post next day.

Import/Export Capability

Manage large ACH files locally on a spreadsheet for uploading into a batch or easily import or export tab-delimited files to spreadsheet applications. HOMEBANK import/export functionality reduces error and saves time.

Electronic Federal Tax Payments

Our Electronic Tax Payments Service lets you directly initiate an ACH Credit for different types of federal tax payments such as 941 payroll tax deposits. Our system will create the ACH credit to the US Treasury in accordance with Federal Tax Payment requirements.

Sub-User Administration

Assign specific account access, dual control privileges and transaction limits to your employees without direct communication with HOMEBANK.

Wire Requests

Enter your wire requests online. No need to come to the bank or even call us.

Why Use Positive Pay?

An automated fraud prevention tool, positive pay alerts customers when a check is presented for payment that was not on a file of previously authorized checks. When an unauthorized check is presented, the customer will get an alert to either accept or reject the check. This product is perfect for any business, no matter how many checks they write. With check fraud on the rise, positive pay is essential for any business who wants to
minimize potential fraud on their account.

The Benefits

• Ability to identify discrepancies before a check posts to the account
• Conveniently located within internet banking
• Minimizes the risk of loss due to fraud
• Customer decides whether or not to pay unmatched items
• Helps streamline business operations by minimizing disruption

Remote Deposit Capture allows users to electronically transmit check images, without relying on couriers or daily trips to the nearest branch. Furthermore, the high costs of manually listing check amounts on deposit slips, manual research processes, and hardcopy distribution all become things of the past.

  • A full-featured remote capture and electronic deposit solution for businesses
  • Scan checks at the merchant location – wherever check payments are processed
  • Transmit checks electronically for clearing and posting
  • Secure remote transmission of sensitive customer check data
  • Export and upload check and deposit data into merchant accounting system

Why Use Remote Deposit Capture?

When using Remote Deposit Capture, business customers can reduce check processing time and expenses, make deposits without leaving the office, and access funds quicker than ever before.

The Benefits

  • Reduces check-processing time
  • Make deposits without leaving the office
  • Eliminates travel expenses and courier fees
  • Deposits can be made as often as you’d like
  • Increased efficiency


Allows  consumer or commercial customers to pay anyone or any company through their online banking account.

Secure Pay for Commercial Customers

Designed to meet the needs of today’s businesses, SecurePay allows commercial customers to make payments, customize reports, delegate tasks and assign permission control, giving managers more time to focus on the business.



Payroll Cards

Payroll cards are a great alternative to Direct Deposit when employees do not have a bank account.

Give your employees a card with their paycheck already loaded on it. The card functions like a debit card; employees can withdraw cash at an ATM, shop online, make automatic bill payments or transfer money to a bank account. Payroll cards can be replaced or frozen if lost or stolen, and employees and employers can add funds to the card.

Payroll cards are often less expensive than issuing paper check.

Business Debit Cards

Debit card purchases come directly from your checking account.

Business Credit Cards

HOMEBANK offers the MasterCard Small Business Credit Card and the MasterCard Business Multi Card credit card with no annual fee and a low, variable APR.


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