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HOMEBANK employees make donation to food pantries

HOMEBANK employees make donation to food pantries

Joe Thomas headshot A message from CEO Joe Thomas

Paying it forward — or repaying a kindness received with a good deed to someone else—is more than a concept, it’s put into practice every day at HOMEBANK. From sharing money management skills to volunteering at local events to lending support to neighbors in need, there’s something to be said about tending to the communities where we put down roots and choose to live our lives.

We are a small business, just like so many of our customers, and our goal is to be nimble and responsive to community needs. As a high-tech, high-touch lender that specializes in relationship banking, we help build better communities by prioritizing and investing in the customers and neighborhoods we serve. And, when things get tough, we don’t leave our communities behind – we step up.

According to a recent poll by Independent Community Bankers of America, nearly 70% of adults recognize the importance of banking with a local financial institution like HOMEBANK. We are honored, and we work every day to live up to your expectations.

We are so proud to be here.


Joe Thomas