Remote Deposit Capture

Improve business process efficiency with Remote Deposit Capture. Using remote capture technology, business customers can significantly reduce operations and labor costs all from the convenience of the office.

Remote Deposit Capture allows users to electronically transmit check images and related information quickly, without relying on couriers or daily trips to the nearest branch. Furthermore, the high costs of manually listing check amounts on deposit slips, manual research processes, and hardcopy distribution all become things of the past.

  • A full-featured remote capture and electronic deposit solution for businesses
  • Scan checks at the merchant location – wherever check payments are processed
  • Key in merchant-specific data, accounting information, invoice numbers, etc
  • Transmit checks electronically for Check 21 and ACH clearing and posting
  • Secure remote transmission of sensitive customer check data
  • Export and upload check and deposit data into merchant accounting system

Why Use Remote Deposit Capture?

Using Remote Deposit Capture and the opportunities made available by Check 21, business customers can reduce check processing time and expenses, make deposits without leaving the office, and access funds quicker than ever before.

The Benefits

  • Reduces check-processing time
  • Make deposits without leaving the office
  • Eliminates travel expenses and courier fees
  • Deposits can be made daily
  • Provides for faster access to funds