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Finance your Dreams with a home loan from HOMEBANK, NMLS number 450000. You’re your Home Loan Experts: Janine Inlow, NMLS number 2217212; Ashley Gibson, NMLS number 1980336; Mike Smith, NMLS number 466086; Janet Brown, NMLS number 526290; Becky Scheufele, NMLS number 1791609. ¬More than 60 years of combined experience. Click here to make an appointment. Equal Housing Lender.


Whether you are looking for your very first home or are needing to upsize, downsize, move from out of state or across town, HOMEBANK lenders are here to help.

With more than 60 years of combined experience, we are a trusted source for your next home loan.

Complete our home loan application. (Please use Google Chrome.)

Let’s get the process started.  We look forward to working with you.


Advice from our Lenders

The Difference between Online Companies and your Local Bank

Senior Vice President Mike Smitt

Local banks provide service before, during and after the home loan process. Senior Vice President Mike Smith explains.

Home Loan Officer Becky Scheufele

HOMEBANK Loan Officer Becky Scheufele says there are benefits to working with a  local banker.

HOMEBANK's Mike Smith

CRAZY low interest rates for home loans on the internet may be tempting. HOMEBANK Senior Vice President Mike Smith says to make sure to read the fine print.

First Steps in the Home Buying Process

Home Loan Officer Becky Scheufele says have a plan

Most people don’t wake up one day and say, “I’m going to buy a house.”  Or at least they shouldn’t, according to HOMEBANK Loan Officer Becky Scheufele. She says it’s always best to start with a plan.

HOMEBANK's Mike Smith

HOMEBANK Home Loan Officers say your very first step in finding your dream home is a visit with your banker. Senior Vice President Mike Smith explains why.

HOMEBANK's Mike Smith

Finding out if you are pre-approved for a home loan at HOMEBANK is not difficult. Senior Vice President Mike Smith discusses what you’ll need to bring to the bank in this video.

A little advice about credit worries

HOMEBANK's Mike Smith

HOMEBANK Senior Vice President Mike Smith says all is not lost if you discover a low credit score when applying for pre-approval for a home loan. In fact, knowing where you stand is always the first step to improving your score.

HOMEBANK's Becky Scheufele

HOMEBANK Home Loan Officer Becky Scheufele says if you discover you have a low credit score, it isn’t always caused by bad habits.

HOMEBANK's Becky Scheufele

HOMEBANK’s traditional 15- and 30-year fixed rate home loans with 10-20% down payment are by far the most popular, according to Home Loan Officer Becky Scheufele. But, other options are available for customers with less money for a down payment.

Meet our Lenders

Meet Becky Scheufele
HOMEBANK's Mike Smith