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Girl using phone to transfer money to friend

Girl using phone to transfer money to friend

HOMEBANK's Account Alerts Help Prevent Overdraft Fees



We’ve got you!

HOMEBANK is ready to alert you BEFORE something goes wrong in your account.  We can send you a quick text reminder that you’re running low on funds…an email just before that big car payment is about to be deducted…and ESPECIALLY a push notification when someone who’s NOT YOU tries to login to your account. All alerts are included free with every HOMEBANK checking account.

HOMEBANK offers 4 types of alerts in its Mobile App and Online Banking:

  • Custom Alerts
  • Bill Pay Alerts
  • Security Alerts
  • And Card Alerts

You can set up as many or as few as you want, and you can turn them on and off as necessary. As discussed in this video, it only takes minutes to set up alerts.

Contact our Digital Banking Team at 855-577-2001 if you need any help.


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