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Group of business people with tablet

Group of business people with tablet

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why work at a bank

Why Work at a Bank?

  If you’ve never considered applying for a position in banking, HOMEBANK employees will encourage you to broaden your career scope. A career in banking, where you get to work with and serve some of the best people around, is certainly rewarding. It is also filled with challenges and opportunities that help you grow as […]

Saving for College

Saving for your Child’s College Education

  College is one of the most expensive purchases a family will make. If you look at current college costs now, while your child is young, there’s no way to predict how much those fees will increase in 15-18 years. That’s why it’s so important to save for college as early as possible, even if […]

Time to Save

Simple Savings Strategies

  Saving is a mindset. Like exercise and eating healthy, saving is difficult at first but can become part of your daily routine. Here are some strategies and activities to help you build your savings for the future. Establish a Savings Goal Develop a clear understanding of why you want to save. For instance, if […]

Buying an investment property

Buying Investment Property

Purchasing an investment property to earn rental income (passive income) can be a good investment but can also be risky. Though appreciation is not guaranteed, history has taught us that home values increase more often than not, so a rental property owner can usually depend on their property value increasing over time. Where to Start […]

mother and daughter biking

Summer Vacation on a Budget

Go Outside With two national and state forests aplenty in Missouri and Illinois, you can breathe in the crisp smell of nature while also social distancing. Whether you’re in the mood to practice sports outdoors, go for a leisurely walk or hike, or take out your mountain bike for a ride, visiting a state park […]