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why work at a bank

Why Work at a Bank?

why work at a bank


If you’ve never considered applying for a position in banking, HOMEBANK employees will encourage you to broaden your career scope. A career in banking, where you get to work with and serve some of the best people around, is certainly rewarding. It is also filled with challenges and opportunities that help you grow as a person and an employee. You’ll be surprised by the variety of positions necessary to make a bank successful, and the new skills you will learn along the way.

Banking Careers are Booming

The banking industry is one of the strongest sectors in the U.S., making it a sound career choice. People need to keep their money secure and have a system through which they can make purchases. With the advent of electronic banking options, you might think that the number of brick-and-mortar locations would decrease, but that is not the case. For example, HOMEBANK opened two new branches in 2020 and is building two more. We believe that when it comes to major money decisions, our customers still want face-to-face customer service. Like HOMEBANK, the banking industry overall is continually growing and evolving, with no signs of slowing down.

“We have multiple positions open at this time but we accept job applications at any time, even when we have no open positions,” says HOMEBANK Senior Vice President and Human Resources Director Leeanna Delaney. “We always want to have a list of people to call when a position becomes available, but we also look for applicants who have a background in something that will allow us to expand or improve our services. The banking industry is always changing, and it’s very competitive.”

Obviously, banks need people who are good with numbers, who are accurate and detailed, and who can provide great customer service. Banks also need people with sales experience, people who understand the needs of business owners, information technology experts to manage huge networks of information, tech-savvy employees to maintain online banking systems and mobile app upgrades, graphic designers to work in the marketing department, people to maintain facilities. So. Many. Opportunities.


Because banks are not small operations, employees are offered benefits that compete favorably against other companies. Let’s look at some of the enticing benefits that HOMEBANK has to offer:

HOMEBANK pays a significant portion of the premium for Health Insurance for full-time employees and makes matching contributions to employees’ Health Savings Accounts. Short-term disability insurance and life insurance is also included in this package. Family health insurance, vision and dental insurance are also offered, as well as additional life insurance.

Both full and part-time employees are eligible to contribute to a 401k Plan. The bank also makes matching contributions.

All employees accrue Paid Time Off to cover vacations, sick days, and personal time. Nine Holidays are celebrated with pay. In addition, HOMEBANK allows full-time employees to perform up to 16 hours of Community Service per year on company time.

For those departments where it is possible, HOMEBANK offers Flex Scheduling. With approval from their supervisor, employees can choose to work four 10-hour days or some other schedule that equals 40 hours for the week.

And, it’s difficult to work with and around money all day and not learn about improving your personal finances. Budgeting, cash flow, credit scores, emergency savings and loans are discussed every day at a bank, and this knowledge will soak into your personal life.


Never worked at a bank?  No worries, says Delaney.

“Bank experience is preferred but rarely required. HOMEBANK has structured in-house training programs for each position, and we require the completion of training each quarter covering banking regulations, security, prevention of fraud and identity theft, recognizing elder abuse, etc.”

Like HOMEBANK, most banks provide opportunities for career advancement for employees who have the right attitude, work ethic, and leadership qualities.

“We prefer to promote from within our company,” says Delaney. “Employees have committed the time, received quality training and they already know our customers. Knowing our company culture is key.”

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