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good bankers should come to you

Good Bankers Come to You

good bankers should come to you


If your banker has never met with you at your business (either in person or virtually), then you may need to consider changing your bank for a bank that commits to customer relationship development.

As a business owner, you have skills and expertise that make your business successful. But your financial needs require the time and expertise just as much as your customers need yours. A banker that invests their time to meet with you and truly understands your business is a banker that can make a difference to your bottom line.

Sharing Your Story

We all know that owning and running a business takes passion, experience and a huge amount of dedication. Your business is your pride, and your banker should be just as invested in what your story is and what the next chapter in your business story can be.

Meeting with you at your business provides a better and more concise understanding of how your business operates. Getting to know your business process, goals and challenges (even if they are not financially related) helps your banker see the bigger picture. Matching financial solutions to your business needs requires a deep understanding of how you operate and what your industry needs are. Showing your banker how you tackle business challenges and meet your customer needs will provide the big picture a good banker needs to address current and future financial needs.

As each business story is unique, so are the financial resources and solutions you may need. Allowing your banker to see how you have evolved as a business and what you do on a daily basis will help them customize solutions that help you better manage your money and financial future.

Meeting Safely and Routinely

In a time when safety is a priority, your banker still has the ability to meet with you and see your business in a safe manner. Using best practices with social distancing and leveraging mobile video and online meeting solutions will enable your banker to schedule meeting time to see you and your business at your convenience.

A good banker will set up a routine to meet with you to discuss your ongoing business needs as they develop and help you plan for the future. Quarterly meetings are desirable, but your banker should be available whenever you need them. Having convenient access to your banker, as well as your bank accounts, will ensure you are getting the most out of your financial planning and management.

Convenience is a Priority

Explore and utilize all the convenient online and phone options your bank provides. Many banks offer phone meetings and webinar consultations, in addition to in-person appointments, scheduled based on your availability. Applying for loans online and providing documentation through secured and encrypted online banking services helps your business run smoothly and efficiently, without taking you away from running your business.

With the capabilities of online and mobile banking, your bank should be just a click or call away. Respecting your time and helping you prioritize your banking needs, while keeping your business a focus, is what a good financial partner should do.

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