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Fish bowls with large fish in small bowl and small fish in big bowl

Are you a little fish in a big pond? Benefits of a small, local bank.

Fish bowls with large fish in small bowl and small fish in big bowl


No matter the size of your business, the challenges are always the same. Never enough time. You need to continually promote your business, manage people and inventory, monitoring budgets…the list goes on and on. It is a cycle of activities that you, as a business owner, must tackle because your business is your passion.

The last thing you need is to struggle with your banking relationship. Your bank should be a partner for your business. Your banker should be a resource to help you with financial strategy and implementing services that make sense for your business. Your bank does not need to be a global bank with hundreds of branches. Some of the best banks are small, local, and engaged with the business community. Here is a shortlist of what to look for in your community bank.

Benefits of a Small, Local Bank

  1. Industry Knowledge

Small banks focus on industries within their market area. They stay updated and are aware of industry needs, changes, and financial needs so that their business customers get all the appropriate products and services they need to be financially confident and secure.

  1. Focused Attention

Local bankers provide unique access to advice and interaction with business owners. They are focused on getting to know you and your business and should be able to anticipate your needs based on these conversations.

  1. Customized Services

Many local banks provide customized and personalized services and product offerings. As a small bank, they tend to be more agile and flexible with their credit assessments and the ability to price their services to align with their customers’ expectations.

  1. Easy Access

Whether in-person, by phone, or online, local bankers are more accessible as they are invested in the community as not only your banker but as a member of the community. They are aware of local events, issues, and needs, seeking to engage with businesses in local conversations that are relevant to your business.

  1. Locally Invested

Small community banks have the same investment philosophy as small, local businesses; they want the business community to grow and thrive. They see themselves as an essential partner in the economic health of the community and will strive to meet your business needs far more passionately than many national or global banks.

If you feel like a little fish in a big pond—insignificant or invisible—come to HOMEBANK. Our friendly team members will give you the attention you deserve.