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group of friends

group of friends

Person-2-Person Transfer

Don’t let money issues come between you and your friends.

If you owe friends for lunch or your share of a gift, pay them promptly with HOMEBANK’s P2P transfer service, available via Online Banking or the HOMEBANK Mobile App.

Person-to-Person transactions are really slick. With a couple clicks, money is taken out of your account and deposited directly into your friend’s account. They have access to this money instantly, they never make a trip to the bank, they don’t have to wait for you to mail them a check or see you again to get the cash. It’s the most immediate money transfer option available in the banking world today.

P2P tranfers are included free with every HOMEBANK checking account, and can be sent to anyone, even friends who use a different bank.

Sign up for HOMEBANK’s Online Banking or download our Mobile App today. Then, watch this video to learn more about setting things up.